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Ningbo zhongwang auto fittings Co LTD is a professional manufacturer and exporter with over 20 years experience in the auto electrical industry located in Ningbo Zhejiang where is a famous Port in china We are a supplier of 100 NEW Alternators Starters and Components for industrial agriculture It covers Heavy duties Trucks Cars Buses Forklifts Tractors and so on We have over 40 000 items ranging from starters alternators spare parts electrical parts all of which are readily available Including kinds of brands Bosch Delco Denso Ford Mitsubishi Iskra Hitachi Lucas Sawafuji Nikko Used On Audi BMW Fiat Renault Benz Iveco Ford Mitsubishi Toyota Isuzu Mazda Nissan Honda Hyundai Deawoo Hino GM...

Categories and Products

Starter Motors

BOSCH Starter

BOSCH NO.For Opel Starter 09115191/1202137/1202142/Bosch 0 001 106 011/0 001 106 015/0001106011/0001106015for OPEL BOSCH NO.0001-106-012 for RENAULT BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-106-014 for MERCEDES BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-106-016 for ROVER BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-106-018 for MINI COOPER BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-106-019 for BMW BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-106-023 for RENAULT BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-003 for VW BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-005 for VW BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-007 for VW BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-008 for VW BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-014 for FORD BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-015 for OPEL BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-016 for FORD CAR BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-020 for VW BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-022 for VW BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-025 for VW BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-028 for VW BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-030 for TOYOTA BOSCH STARTER NO.0001-107-032 for MERCEDES 

DELCO Starter

BUICK CHEVROLE T 2-1814-DR BUICK CHEVROLE T 2-1922-DR Delco Starter 2-2054-DR Starter for BUICK 2-2110-DR-2 Starter for CHEVROLET 2-1690-DR-2 Delco starter motor for Buick 2-1954-DR Starter for CHEVROLE 2-1481-DR Delco Starter for Buick 2-1811-DR Starter for CHEVROLET 2-2112-DR Starter for CADILLA 2-1604-DR Starter for BUICK 2-1512-DR DELCO Starter 2-2144-DR-2 Auto Starter Motor 2-2336-DR DELCO Electric Starter 2-2054-DR-2 starter for BUICK 2-2111-DR Delco Starter 2-2143-DR WAI 2-2200-DR-2 starter new Vehicle starter 2-2142-DR auto starter for VOLVO 2-2322-DR Delco Starter 2-2140-DR-2 


Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.228000-8550 for TOYOTA Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.228000-9641 for HONDA Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.128000-7940 for JOHN Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.128000-8040 for KAWASAKI Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.128000-9360 for CUB Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.128000-2890 for JOHN DEERE Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.228000-2210 for KAWASAKI UTV Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.228000-5400 for KUBOTA MOWERS Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.128000-568 Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.128000-9980 for KAWASAKI Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.428000-2741 for KAWASAKI Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.128000-4800 for KAWASSAKI Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.028000-8050 for TOYOTA Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.028000-8220 for TOYOTA Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.028000-5900 for TOYOTA Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.028000-9260 for TOYOTA Nippondenso Starter LESTER:17298 for DAIHATSU Nippondenso Starter LESTER:17520 for TOYOTA Nippondenso Starter LESTER:17666 for TOYOTA Nippondenso Starter OEM NO.228000-9480 for HONDA 

FORD Starter

FORD STARTER NO. 2-1156-FD FORD LINCOLN STARTER MOTOR 2-1557-FD Ford Automobile Starter 2-1648-FD Ford Auto Starter 2-1676-FD Starter Motor Used On Ford 2-1559-FD FORD MAZDA Starter Motor 2-2467-FD Vehicle starter motor for Ford 2-2460-FD FORD auto Starter 2-2218-FD Starter for FORD 2-2197-FD-2 Ford Auto Starter 2-2215-FD Ford Starter 2-1642-FD Ford Auto Starter 2-1650-FD 


Hitachi Starter MEXICO SAMPLE Hitachi Starter NO.S114-801B for NISSAN Hitachi Starter NO.S114-801D for NISSAN Hitachi Starter NO.S114-801A for NISSAN Hitachi Starter for NISSAN Hitachi Starter NO.S114-829A for NISSAN Hitachi Starter NO.S114-808A for NISSAN Hitachi Starter NO.S114-701 for NISSAN Hitachi Starter NO.S114-901A for NISSAN Hitachi Starter PAL MAG: 443115141310 Hitachi Starter PAL MAG: 443115141331 Hitachi Starter REFERANCE: 9141460 Hitachi Starter NO.S114-902 for NISSAN Hitachi Starter NO.S114-823S for CHEVROLET Hitachi Starter NO.S114-815 for YANMAAR 4JH3 Hitachi Starter NO.S24-03C for ISUZU 4BC2 Hitachi Starter NO.S24-07 for ISUZU 4JB1 Hitachi Starter NO.S14-204A for ISUZU 4BJ1 Hitachi Starter NO.S25-163A for ISUZU 4HF1 Hitachi Starter NO.S13-82 for ISUZU C240 

ISKRA Starter

Iskra Starter NO.IS1105 Iskra Starter NO.IS1195 Iskra Starter NO.IS1201 Iskra Starter NO.IS1070 Iskra Starter NO.IS0793 Iskra Starter NO.IS1063 Iskra Starter NO.IS1064 

LADA Starter

Lada Starter OEM NO.2101-3708000 for LADA 2101 Lada Starter OEM NO.2108-3708010 for LADA 2108 Lada Starter OEM NO.2110-3708010 for LADA 2110 Lada Starter for VOLGA GAZ 406 Lada Starter OEM NO.111-3708010 for VOLGA GAZ 1111 

LUCAS Starter

Lucas Starter NO.LRS124 for BARBER GREENE Lucas Starter NO.LRS190 for MASSEY Lucas Starter NO.LRS215 for MASSEY Lucas Starter NO.LRS212 Lucas Starter NO.LRS232 for MASEY Lucas Starter NO.LRS195 for JC BAMFORD Lucas Starter NO.LRS301 for AGCO ALLIS 5650 Lucas Starter NO.LRS306 for JC BAMFORD Lucas Starter NO.LRS240 for CASE Lucas Starter NO.LRS106 for JC BAMFORD Lucas Starter NO.LRS673 for FORD TRANSIT 


Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T60281 for NISSAN Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T70481 for HYUNDAI Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T71381 Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T73281 for HYUNDAI SONATA Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T86081 for SUZUKI VITARA 2.0 L Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T84981 for JEEP Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T77381 for MAZDA 626 Mitsubishi Starter NO.70281 for GEO Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T72085 for NISSAN 100NX 1.6 Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T72981 for INFINITI G20 2.0L Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T71781 for MAZDA 929, 3.0I Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T73881 for NISSAN SUNNY Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T72481 for CHEVROLET 1.6L Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T72481 for SUZUKI 1.6L Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T79481 for JEEP WRANGLER 2.5L Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T78581 for CHRYSLER 2.5L Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T77777 for CHRYSLER Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T78681 for CHRYSLER Mitsubishi Starter NO.M1T79681 for CLARKLIFT Mitsubishi Starter LESTER:16833 for JINBEI 


Marelli Starter LESTER:18940 for PERKINS JCB Marelli Starter LESTER:18941 for PERKINS JCB 

NIKKO Starter

Nikko Starter NO.1-81100-177-0 for ISUZU Nikko Starter NO.0-23000-6071 for ISUZU Nikko Starter NO.0-23000-7290 for ISUZU Nikko Starter NO.0-23000-1030 for ISUZU Nikko Starter NO.1-81100-137-0 for ISUZU Nikko Starter NO.0-25000-652-0 for ISUZU Nikko Starter NO.0-23000-1550 for ISUZU Nikko Starter for KOMATSU Nikko Starter NO.0-23000-0060 for KOMATSU Nikko Starter NO.600-813-2161 for KOMATSU Nikko Starter NO.600-813-2650 for KOMATSU Nikko Starter NO.0-21000-2310 for KOMATSU Nikko Starter NO.0-23000-6530 for KOMATSU Nikko Starter NO.600-863-4130 for KOMATSU Nikko Starter NO.600-863-5110 for KOMATSU Nikko Starter NO.0-23000-6510 for KOMATSU Nikko Starter for KOMATSU S6D105 Nikko Starter NO.0-23000-1231 for KOMATSU PC200-1 STARTER PC300-6 New Starter 


Sawafuji Starter NO.0350-402-0112 for HINO W04D Sawafuji Starter NO.0350-502-0020 for HI NO W06E W06D Sawafuji Starter NO.0350-502-0041 Sawafuji Starter NO.0300-552-0010 for HINO Sawafuji Starter NO.0350-502-0013 for HINO J08C Sawafuji Starter NO.0355-502-0016 for HINO Sawafuji Starter NO.0300-602-0812 for HINO Sawafuji Starter NO.0300-602-0312 for HINO W04D Sawafuji Starter NO.0350-602-0110 for HINO Sawafuji Starter NO.0330-702-0221 for HINO Sawafuji Starter NO.0365-602-0042 for HINO Sawafuji Starter NO.0350-602-0260 for NISSAN Sawafuji Starter NO.0350-602-0340 for NISSAN Sawafuji Starter NO.0351-602-0013 for NISSAN Sawafuji Starter NO.0351-602-0022 for NISSAN Sawafuji Starter NO.0350-602-0233 for NISSAN Sawafuji Starter NISSAN:23300-97517 for NISSAN KOMATSU PC500 STARTER 

Other Starter

Honda Starter LESTER NO.17841 for TOYOTA Honda Starter NISSAN NO.31200-RMP-W0Z Honda Starter TOYOTA NO.28100-21020 Honda Starter TOYOTA NO.28100-16070 Honda Starter NO.31200-PLR-A01 for HONDA, ACURA Honda Starter NO.31200-RNE-G01 for ELEMENT 2.4L Honda Starter NO.31200-RNA-003 for HONDA Honda Starter OEM NO.SM612-09 for HONDA CRV Honda Starter OEM NO.SM442-08 for HONDA Honda Starter OEM NO.SM442-02 for HONDA Honda Starter OEM NO.SM442-01 for HONDA Honda Starter WAI NO.2-2850-MT for HONDA Car Starter for DUNA Car Starter for FIAT Car Starter for FIAT REGATO 2000 Valeo Starter NO.532010 for RENAULT R12 Car Starter for RENAULT R18 Car Starter for RENAUTL TRAFFIC R18 Car Starter for PEUGEOT 504 Car Starter for FIAT SUPER EUROPA 

Valeo Starter Motors

High Quality VW 330-911-023 Starter Motor Assy in Auto Starter auto starter motor 17177 442003 SD6RA50P 5X3-911-023 Best Quality VW2000 Starter Motor Assy Chery QQ 0.8 auto starter motor with engine starter SQR372 OEM S11-3708110 BA CHERY A3 M11 ORINOCO B11-3708110BA STARTER ASSY AUTO PARTS Car Starter Motor For Hyundai Atos,Lester 32453,JS1303,0986022601 Byd auto starter for BYD F6,D6RA134,BYD483QA-3708010 12V Car Starter Motor For Hyundai i20,i30 36100-2B020 36100-2B100 36100-2B102 12V Starter Motor For VW Audi 438125 D6RA135 D9E150 auto starter motor 6U-0911-023B 31115 auto starter motor D6RA137B 36100-2B402 


Bosch Auto Starter Armature, 24V, IM122, WAI NO. 61-9113, OEM NO. 2004005022 2004005153 Bosch Auto Starter Armature, 24V, IM105, WAI NO. 61-9124, OEM NO. 2004005023 Bosch starter Armature for 410/411/417 series,IM124,61-9112 Bosch starter Armature for 359 series,IM151,IM127,61-9110 Auto Starter Bosch Armature 24V IM152 WAI NO. 61-9109 OEM NO. 2004004062 2004004111 Auto armature for Bosch 368 series starter,IM166,2004004032,2004004033 Auto Starter Bosch Armature 12V IM175 WAI NO. 61-9100 OEM NO. 2004004003 2004004005 starter part of BOSCH armature WAI61-9139 IM2100 12V Auto Starter Bosch Armature 12V IM182 OEM NO. 2004004092 2004014952 starter motor Armature for Bosch 110 series,IM2105,IM2108,61-9127 BOSCH ARMATURE Audi A3, Volkswagen Golf BOSCH ARMATURE BENZ 200,220 Auto Starter Bosch Armature 12V IM240 WAI NO. 61-9400 OEM NO. NE267-19256 NE-580-618206 Starter rotor for Bosch 211 series,IM125,1004012404,1004012407 Valeo Auto Armature,IM536,182049,182175,594148 IM800 12V PAL Starter Armature 443937150880 BOSCH ARMARTURE starter Armarture IM148 REPLACING 100412011 Armarture Auto Starter Bosch Armature 12V IM43 OEM NO. 74861761 FIAT NO. 4142225 4202983 Auto Starter Bosch Armature 12V IM190 OEM NO. 1004012421 9-001-334-001 Auto Starter Bosch Armature 12V IM235 OEM NO. 21056 606387 

Solenoid Switch

Solenoid switch 66-9125 Starter Solenoid Switch 66-9125, For Bosch 211, 311 Series DD Starters Bosch 359,367 DD Starters solenoid switch 66-9123,SS-1757 Starter Solenoid Switch 66-9127, For Bosch 208, 211, 311 Series DD Starters 12V,3-Terminal solenoid switch for Bosch Starter,66-9100,SS-1758 Bosch Solenoid Switch for Bosch 108 Series PMGR; 208, 311 Series DD Starters,66-9155,0331303019 Solenoid Switch for Bosch 110 Series PMGR Starters,66-9171,0331303061 Bosch 358,359,362,366,367 DD Starters solenoid switch 66-9121,SS-1767 Solenoid switch replacing 0331402015 0331402037 0331402515 0331402537 132361 66-9106 - 24V starter solenoid 0-331-302-11 Starter Solenoid Switch 66-9183, For Bosch 311 Series DD Starters 12V,3-Terminal Bosch 108 PMGR Starters solenoid switch 66-9163,0331303107 Solenoid Switch for Bosch 212,312 Series DD Starters,66-9180,0331302024,0331302032,0330302097 Starter Solenoid Switch 66-9157, For Bosch Bosch 208, 211, 214, 311 Series DD Starters Starter motor switch for Bosch 108 PMGR Starters 66-9168 Starter Solenoid Switch 66-9136, For Bosch Bosch 311, 313 Series DD Starters solenoid switch for Bosch 108 PMGR Starters 66-9164,0331303086 Bosch 66-9147 Solenoid Starter Solenoid Switch 66-9162, For Bosch 311, 314, 315 Series DD Starters Auto solenoid switch for Bosch 107,108,110 PMGR;218 PLGR;311,314 DD Starters,66-9170 

Brush Holder

Brush Holder 69-101 Brush Holder 69-102 Brush Holder 69-104 Brush holder DELCO 40MT Brush Holder 69-103 Brush Holder 69-108 Brush Holder 69-105 Brush Holder 69-116 Brush Holder 69-109,  Brush Holder 69-8400 Brush Holder 69-107 Brush Holder 39-112 Brush Holder 79-1154 Brush Holder 39-104 Brush Holder 39-111 Brush Holder 39-111 Brush Holder 39-101 Brush Holder 39-105 Brush Holder 69-118 Brush Holder 69-114 

Starter Drive

new Bosch 1006209424 bendix auto starter drive parts, WAI NO.:54-9103 Alfa auto starter drive parts, WAI NO.:54-9104 Fiat auto starter drive parts, WAI NO.:54-9108 Bosch bendix 2006209425, 9001042021 bendix new Bosch 2006209426 bendix auto starter drive parts, WAI NO.:54-9118 auto starter drive parts, WAI NO.:54-9121 Fiat auto starter drive parts, WAI NO.:54-9123 Ford auto starter drive parts, WAI NO.:54-9129 new Bosch 1006209030 bendix 54-9131 auto car starter drive / gear Bosch 1-006-209-429; Remy 12300869, F2006; Ford 77FB-11350-BA, D8RZ-11350-A, SDE308 Mercedes auto starter drive parts, WAI NO.:54-9130 new starter drive 1.01.0676 Starter Parts-Drive 1006-209-450 54-9135 new Bosch 1006209451, 16024 bendix 54-9139 auto car starter drive / gear Bosch 1-006-209-501, -517 Volkeswagen auto starter drive parts, WAI NO.:54-9141 Alfa auto starter drive parts, WAI NO.:54-9140 bosch starter drive 


BOSCH Alternator

Audi A6 1.8 Alternator New Audi A4 Alternaor New Jetta Alternator New Peugeot Alternator Passat B5 Alternator Audi 1.8T Alternator New Skoda Alternaor Audi A6 3.0L Alternator Audi A4 1.8 Alternator Audi Q5 Alternator New BMW520 Alternator Audi A6L 2.4 Alternator Audi A6 3.0 Alternator BMW Alternator new New Buick 2.5 Alternator Buick Regal 3.8L alternator Benz SL280 Alternator Beetle Alternator new Benz SL500 Alternator Alternator for Benz Sprinter,Vito,C220,0123320051,0123320065,0124325039 

DELCO Alternator

10SI Alternator new Delco 12SI Alternator for Buick,Lester 7271,10495418 Delco Alternator 1-1734-21DR(12SI), Delco 12SI Alternator, Used On Buick, Chevrolet Delco 12SI Alternator for New Holland,Case,Lester 7294,1-1749-12DR new 20SI Alternator Delco 21SI Alternator for Cummins 5.9L,8.3L Diesel,Lester 8003 Alternator for Cummins 5.9L,8.3L Diesel,10459026,10461235,1117897 auto alternator for delco 12V 140A 21SI 7644 1-2299-00DR, 20-1108 Alternator For Volvo,LESTER 8072,8078,8076,8079,8073,8075,8070,8071,8074,19020302,19020303,19020306, auto alternator for delco 22SI 8073 1-2431-00DR 19020309 10459216 1-2431-00DR new 23SI Alternator new 24SI Alternator 24SI Alternator new 25SI Alternator new 26SI Alternator 27SI Alternator 7197 20-127 27SI Alternator Delco 30SI Alternator 30SI Alternator new 31SI Alternator new 


Kubota Alternator new Lamborghini-Agricultural Alternator new Komatsu Alternator new Honda Alternator new Honda Odyssey Alternator Alternator for Honda Accord,104210-5890,290-5096B,36-11390 Honda Odssey Alternator Ford Focus 2.0 Alternator Volvo S40 Alternator Chrysler Twon Alternator Alternator ;13871,OEM:421000-0011, 421000-0012;12V 140A CW 6S Alternator ;Lester:11063 ,OEM:421000-0141, 421000-0142, 12V 136A CW 6S Lester 13912 car alternator for CHRYSLER PACIFICA V6 3.5L 2004-06 OEM:421000-010 Denso alternator for JEEP,CA1834IR,4210000040,lester 13913 Ford Alternator new CA1864IR car alternator for (2004-ON)Ford Focus CMAX,FLEX 1.8L OEM :104210-3531 Lester 23839 car alternator for (2003-ON)Ford Focus C-Max 1.8L OEM :104210-376 Land Rver Discovery Alternator Land Rover-Range Rover Alternator Jeep Alternator11240, 421000-0470 

DAEWOO Alternator

Dawoo Espero 1.5L Alternator Dawoo Espero 1.5L Alternator Daewoo Lanos Alternator Alternator For Chevrolet,Daewoo,LESTER 8006,00219091,00219298,219091,219298,29219091,96224432 Alternator For Daewoo,DELCO,LESTER 8281,96206871,96341300,96404011,LRB00432,LRB432,1240101DR Daewoo Matiz alternator Daewoo Matiz Alternator Daewoo part Alternator 96314258 BM60272~3 96380673 96566261 96567255 CAR ALTERNATOR DELCO 23999 OE:96289030 WAI:235-117 DAEWOO MATIZ 65A 2005 ALTERNATOR 

GM Alternator

DELCO ALTERNATOR FOR 1105616 DRZ0148 990148 Alternator for Cadillac,chevrolet,10464404,10464438,10480229 Jeep Alternator 1101175, 1101176,7817,CS121 12V 74A 10463102 10463374 1101320 RM1120 New Alternator For CS121 Buick Skylark 105 A/12 V Car Auto Alternator for Buick Oldsmobile CS130 OEM 10479938 WAI 20-146-21-1 Pontiac Alternator 1101137 1101138 1101141 7858 7868 CS121 Buick GM Alternator Chevrolet Alternator new CS130, 1101229, 1101275, 1101292, 1101146,7808,7888 Cadillac Alternator GMC Alternator new 

HINO Alternator

HINO J08C Alternator HINO EF750 Alternator HINO EK100 Alternator HINO W06E Alternator HINO W04D Alternator HINO Alternator new HINO H07CT Alternator HINO DK10 Alternator HINO H06C Alternator Hino H07D Alternator 

HYUNDAI- KIA Alternator

Alternator for Hyundai G6BV,37300-37110,37300-37150,37300-37200 Alternator for Hyundai Accent,Elantra,Matrix, 3730022600,AB180128,37300-22600 Alternator for Hyundai Accent,JA1788 IR Hyundai H100 Alternator,37300-32131,600019,Lester 22495 Car Alternator for HYUNDAI 37300-32134 KIA TRUCKS ALTERNATOR OK629-18-300D OK65E-18-300B OK621-18-300 37300-4Z300, 3730027020,DRA0243,CA2018IR,LRA03055 alternator for hyundai 3730042870 0986049720 LRA01956 AF190216 600006 BOSCH ALTERNATOR HYUNDAI 12V90A With pump Alternator for Hyundai Matrix,Elantra,Accent,0986049191,37300-23600 Hyundai Atos,Getz Alternator,0986049570,3730002550,3730002551 0986081060,373002A100,373002A100,373002A500 kia hyundai alternator HYUNDAI H200 BOUWJAAR ALTERNATOR 37300-42360 37300-42354 37300-42355 37300-42356 JA1518IR alternator for KIA SORENTO 2.5 37300-4A001 12V 110A Alternator for Hyundai,37300-3E100,02131-9271 Alternator for Hyundai Sontana,37300-3C120,37300-3C170 Kia G4GC alternator,37300-23650,2655635,A0002655635 Poongsung Alternator for Kia Carens III,3730025201,3730025301,3730025310 37300-32354,LRA01862,600012,JA1518IR hyundai elantra alternator Alternator for MANDO M55646 ALC967 002C967 2C967 HYUNDAI H100 D4BA ALTERNATOR 37300-42620,37300-42621,37300-47451,AD165440,AD165444,AD165454, AD165471,JA1618IR.LRA02072. 

ISUZU Alternator

Isuzu 6HF1 Alternator Isuzu 10PE1 Alternator Isuzu 10PE1 Alternator Isuzu 6BD1 Alternator Isuzu 6HE1 Alternato Isuzu 4HK1 Alternator Isuzu Alternator new Isuzu LR280-501 Alternator Isuzu LR280-508 Alternator Isuzu LR250-503 Alternator Isuzu 4HF1 Alternator Isuzu JA863 Alternator Isuzu JA863 Alternator Isuzu LR170-418 Alternator Isuzu JA873 Alternator Isuzu JA1171 Alternator Isuzu 4JH1 Alternator Isuzu LR250-517 Altenator Isuzu 4JA1 new ALTERNATOR Isuzu C223 Alternator 

ISKRA Alternator

Auto alternator for Iskra 12V 65A OEM AAK4513 11201566 IA0566,873F10300AA,GEU2109,71426100 FORD ALTERNATOR LRA967,CA650IR,54022247D,0986036561,V87VG10300AB,11201576,54022247D Lucas alternator for Ford,Jaguar, 0120488211, 0120488228, 1008223,86AB10300NA,54022604,LRA604,2871C105 Massey Ferguson Tractor alternator, AAK4135,AAK4524,0120489048,0120489074,6074722,82DB10300AA,23974,A005T31772 Iskra AAK1382, AAK3370, 11203104, 11201745, IA0745 Alternator Case alternator,2929190,11201728,AAK4574,LRA654,ADU8890,LESTER12088,CA564IR Iskra AAK1358, 11201676, IA0676 Starter Iskra AAK4584, 11201763, IA0763 Alternator LUCAS ALTERNATOR 24161,0986036560,0986044571,63324161,23868,LRA177,LRA382,2871A161,AUU1269 1-2754-02LU 12V 70A Iskra 0120489019,0120489132,0120489133,0986036751,4787665,63303290,LRA190,LRA307 Alternator Iskra 0986037140,3714,63321026,63321056,7441843,11201701,AAK4562,LRA514 Alternator Iskra 11201304,11201571,AAK4138,AAK4518 Alternator Iskra AAK4151 Alternator Iskra 0120489336,0120489337,0986035760,4808507,63320024,LRA975,AAK4530,11201585 Alternatr Iskra Alternator 0120488194,0120488195,63305206,63305226,63305236,LRA752,LRA779,LRA833,LRA910 Iskra 0120489490,0120489491,11201568,AAK4515,LRA953,2541491,433080,436472,9031707 Alternator Iskra AAK4582 11201749 IA0749 Alternator Iskra AAK4560 Alternator Iskra AAK4150 Alternator Iskra AAK4562 Alternator 

LADA VOLGA Alternator

LADA 2107 Alternator new Lada 2101, 3771, 2101-2103 Alternator Lada 262.3771 Alternator new Lada 261.3771 Alternator new Lada 26.3771 Alternator new Lada 5102, 3771-10, 3202, 3771000 Alternator Lada 5142 Alternator new Lada 5122.3771/5132.3771/5112.3771-10 Alternator Volga 5122, 3771, Kng-3701000-61 Alternator Volga 3771-10, 3701000-261 Alternator Volga KNG-3701000-62 Alternator Volga 3701000-261 Alternator Volga 3771000 Alternator new 

LUCAS Alternator

Lucas alternator for Universal,66021155,66021482,NAB900 Alternator Lucas 24161 0986036560 LRA463 LRA497 LRA653 0986044571 3519406M91 66021113 Car part alternator for BoschCA600IR OEM: LRA460,873F10300AA,AMR3412,24158B,54022053D,54022439,2871A141 Wholesale Lucas alternator for Ford,0120488189,0120489251,0120489818 Car alternator denso for Ford, 0120489244,LRB469,CA306IR,0120489245,0120489245,0986033860,AAK1148CA306IR,12V 55A Ford Generator,LRA00517,LRA517,437380 0986036041 9124476049,84AB-10300-AA,LRA517 20517 54022187D LUCAS LRA496 ALTERNATOR ROVER LAND ALTERNATOR 14V 70A CA560IR Lucas A12755,DRA3063,933063,54022691A Alternator Lucas alternator for New Holland,LRA530,NAB103,NAB414,LRA522,24246,24256,63324273,63324274 Wholesale Lucas alternator for Ford,0986036191,R89FF10300EB,R89FF10300EC,0210000503,0210001083,1532164011 Lucas alternator for Ford,Jaguar, 2871C105,2925330,9AR2533,0120489984,0120488211,9AR2919 Lucas alternator for Diversen,Multifit, 9120690170,BX690170,23763,23970,23971,24134,66021126AC Factory direct sale Lucas alternator, 54022415,54022578,54022711,38208867,2871A007,2518070,AELB710,1200583 Lucas Alternator for Heden ForkLift,Land Rover,Perkins,LRA100 LRA102 LRA106,9120331502,9124476002,9120331502,1504563,23879 23959 0986044641,23617,23622,23677,LRA103,LRA226,LRA356,23737R,2871609,432863CA629IR Lucas generator fits ,LRA101,LRA104,LRA111 4460,914476008,708F10346AA,82FH10300A,86BB10300DB,23555,23563 OEM Quality Alternator for MF tractor LRA361 23865 9AR2548 9AR2548F LRA00361 9AR5010F 9AR2725F 9AR2549F 9124476006,75AB10300UA,78BB10300AA,78GB10300BA,23616,23738,2871A129 LRA105 Alternaor 

KAMAZ Alternator

new Kamaz 2022 Alternator new Kamaz 28, 3771 Alternator new Kamaz 740,4310 Alternator Kamaz 273B1 Alternator new Kamaz 4310 Alternator Kamaz 1702-3771 Alternator new Kamaz Alernator new Kamaz 273.3701 Alternator 


Mitsubishi Alternator,A004T66786,A4T66786,ME150143 Alternator for Caterpillar Loader and Excavator 320B,320C.317B,318B, 34368-02300, A4TU3586 Mitsubishi Alternator A5T70183, Used On Mitsubishi Diesel Engine 8DC9, 6DC8 Mitsubishi 6D22 Alternator 24V 50A Mitsubishi ME087645, A4T58999 Alternator Automobile alternator for Mitsubishi Canter D 1983,ME017560,A2T72383,A5T70283 Alternator for MAZDA 1-2377-01MI (Ref. No: 13883N) Ir/if alternator Mitsubishi 4D33 Alternator,A3TN5188,A3TN5386,A3TN5387 Car Alternator for MITSUBISHI A2TC1391ZD ALTERNATOR for honda fit 31100-REJ-W01 Car Alternator for Honda CR-V,FR-V,Stream,A2TB7591ZE,A2TB8691,A2TC0691A Mitsubishi 5M5T10300AB Alternator Alternator for Ford Falcon,A3TB5391,3R2310300BA,A003TB5391 Car Alternator for MITSUBISHI A3TG008127 LF18-18300 A3T22781 Alternator 23100-1AB1A For MITSUBISHI SK200-6 SK230-6 6D34 Excavator Alternator For Kobelco ME08887 A3TN5399 Mitsubishi Alternator for Mitsubishi Galant,Pajero,Canter,A3T09699,A3TB1299,ME200696 MITSUBISHI 6D31 6D34 4D32 TO REPLACE O.E ALTERNATOR :A4T25699 A4TU0088 ME087651 24 voltage alternator for Mitsubishi 6D31 A4T58986 / ME090923 / ME150142 / 37300-83122 Engine Alternator for Mitsubishi 6D15,A2T70771,A2T70772,A2T70774 

NISSAN Alternator

TRUCK ALTERNATOR FOR NISSAN:FE6B,FE6T,NE6.23100-Z5602 ALTERNATOR FOR NISSAN RF8 PF6 RF10 23100-97507 23100-Z5612 23100-97610 TRUCK ALTERNATOR FOR NISSAN:FE6A,FE6B,FE6T,23099-Z5604 NISSAN UD FE6 ALTERNATOR 0201-152-0420,0201-152-0421 23100-Z5702 NISSAN UD PE6 PE6T RD8 ALTERNATOR 23100-97003 24V 50A NISSAN Alternator OEM: 23100-Z5719 NISSAN PE6A Alternator Nissan alternador 12v 100A LR180-749E 23100-8E100 auto parts Nissan alternador 12v 50A TD27 LR150-221 23100-42K00 auto parts Nissan alternador 12v 100A TD27ETI TD42T LR1100-705C 23100-0W802 auto parts Alternator for Nissan GA14,GA16,23100-0M000,23100-0M003,23100-0M005 alternators for Mitsubishi for 6D31 6D34 12V 95A A4TU0388 ME087811 Alternator for Nissan ZD30,LR190-752,23100-VC100,23100-VC101 Alternator for Nissan N16,23100-3M200,23100-4M510,23100-AU000 NISSAN PATHFINDER 1996-1997 V6 3.3L ALTERNATOR 23100-0W000 Nissan Alternator 23100-97003, 23100-96102, Used On Nissan Diesel Engine RD8, PD6, Heavy Duty 

MAZDA Alternator

8EL737428001,LRA01482,DRA0281 Mazda G608-18-300 Alternator A5T02677, Car Alternator for Ford,Mazda,Lester 13446,A3T08491,A3T08491ZC B61P-18-300, B61P-18-300C, B6P-18-300D, B61P-18-300E A5T01577, A5T03677 MAZDA Alternator A2T02471 MD108509 MD109166 14432Mazda Alternator Mazda N3A1-18-300A Alternator 13460 A3T08591 Mazda N318-18-300 Alternator 14910 A2T47974 Car Alternator for Mitsubishi Galant,Lester 13898,A2TB5791,MD368519 

TOYOTA Alternator

Toyota 27060-58340 Alternator Toyota 27060-58340 Alternator Toyota 14B Alternator Toyota 27030-54241 Alternator Toyota 27030-56150 Alternator Toyota DV57 Alternator Toyota JA750 IR Alternator Toyota JA1710 IR Alternator Toyota JA1355 IR Alternator Toyota JA1424 IR Alternator Toyota 3L Alternator Toyota JA1424 IR Alternator Toyota 27060-27030 Alternator Toyota 27060-30050 Alternator Toyota 101211-2240 Alternator Toyota JA1891 IR Alternator Toyota JA1605 IR Alternator Toyota JA1894 IR Alternator Toyota 102211-5020 Alternator Toyota 101211-7400 Alternator 

NIKKO Alternator

Nikko Alternator for Isuzu,0-33000-6550,0-33000-6551,0-33000-6552 Favorites Compare Komatsu Lift Trucks Alternator used on PC60/4D95,NIKKO 0-33000-5480, 0-33000-5510, 0-33000-5700,LESTER 12253, Alternator for Komatsu 4D95,6D108,600-821-5580,600-821-6120,600-821-6140 

FORD Alternator

New Ford 7751 Alternator F23U-10300-CA, F23U-10300-DA Ford 7760 Alternator F7UU10300AB Ford 7790 Alternator 1021397,1024864,1031134,1032652 Ford CA1034 IR Alternator F1PU10346AC,F1VU10300BB,F1VU10346AD Ford 7753 Alternator F29U-10300-AB, F69U-10300-AA Ford 7749 Alternator F07F-10300-AA, F07U-10300-AA, F07U-10300-AB, AC, F17U-10300-AA, F67U-10300-AA Ford 7750 Alternator F13U-10300-AC, AD, E9DF-10300-CA, F0DF-10300-AA, F0DU-10300-AA, F0DU-10300-AB Ford 7755 Alternator F1HT10300AA,F1HT10300AA,F1HT10300AB,F1HT10300AC Ford 7758 Alternator Ford 7759 F1SU-10300-BA, F29U-10300-AB Alternator F3AU-10300-BA, F3AU-10300-AC, F65U-10300-BB, F85U-10300-BA Ford 7764 Alternator F7CU-10300-CB, F7PU-10346-CB, F7CZ-10346-CBRM Ford 7793 Alternator Ford XL3U-10300-AA, XL3U-10300-AN. XL3Z-10346-AA 8251 Alternator 32F1Z10346BA,2F1U10300BA,2F1U10300BB,2F1UBB,2L1U10300BA Ford 8269 Alternator Ford 3W1U-10300-AA, 3W1U-10300-AB, 3W1Z-10346-AA 8313 Alternator Ford 8314 Alternator 3W3Z10346AA,3W3U10300AA,3W3U10300AH,3W3U10300AHRM XF2Z10346D,XF2Z10346AA,XF2U10300DA,XF2U10300AB 7788 Alternator ALTERNATOR Ford F81U-10300-EB, F81Z-10346-EA, GL-412 Lester Nos: 7796 12V 110A Alternator for Ford E Series,F81U-10300-DB,F81U-10300-DC,F81U-10300-DD 7797 Alternator Ford 7798 Alternator F81U-10300-CC. F81U-10300-CD 

Other Alternator

8SC3110,8SC3238 ALTERNATOR Prestolite 8LHA3096 Alternator 3096uc 24V 110A JFZ2110 Alternator 8392 8LHA3096UC,8LHA3096U NISSAN CUMMINS Prestolite JFZ291 Alternator 

Alternator Rotor

Alternator Rotor 1 Alternator Rotor 2 new Alternator Rotor 3 new Alternator Rotor 4 

Alternator Stator

new Alternator Stator1 Alternator Alternator stator2 new Alternator stator 3 Alternator stator 4 

Slip Ring

Slip Ring ZSR-01-1 new Slip ring ZSR01-2 Slip ring ZSR-01-3 Slip ring ZSR-01-4 NEW Slip ring ZSR-02 New Slip ring ZSR-03 New Slip ring ZSR-04 new Slip ring ZSR-05 New Slip ring ZSR-06 New Slip ring ZSR-07 New Slip ring ZSR-08 new Slip ring ZSR-09 new Slip ring ZSR-10 Slip ring ZSR-11-1 Slip ring ZSR-11-2 new Slip ring ZSR-12 new Slip ring ZSR-13 new Slip ring ZSR-14 Slip ring ZSR-15 new Slip ring ZSR-15 

Alternator Regulator

Daewoo voltage regulator Daewoo 273110 Daewoo voltage regulator Daewoo 276010 Daewoo voltage regulator 1116424 940038037 1116425 19009724 D683 133581 13675 13675D 71-10018 VR-D683 YR-851B 80406273 Voltage Regulator D425XHD DELCO voltage regulator 1116432 16148399 D432 8125176,0986192000,1116380,1116384,1116385,1116387,D101 ,12V DELCO alternator voltage regulator delco alternator Regulator 10475019 delco alternator Regulator 19009708 delco alternator Regulator 1116380 delco alternator Regulator 1988988 Daewoo voltage regulator 3493029 3493030 3493079 3493080 LUCAS UCB705 VALEO A564796A 0986192015;13472557;3472557;3493050;03474557;DE606 auto voltage regulator delco alternator Regulator 1116380 delco alternator Regulator 1116389 Daewoo voltage regulator 1105510 1116388 1116404 1894460 1984287 1987518 VR-D672C VR-D687 1105510;1116404;1894460; D30S 24V auto voltage regulator 1116411 1116429 1116436 1116437 13120469 19009752 D677 D685 D698 D411XHD voltage regulator D2206 DELCO auto spare parts alternator voltage regulator 220198,D2198 auto alternator voltage regulator lternator voltage regulator Delco 1116433, 1116435, 1116442, D686, D687, D690, D33 DELCO auto spare parts a 

Crank Shaft

Small Block Forged Crankshaft Engine Crank shaft for 4D55 

Clutch Disc


MD701151 MITSUBISHI 4G12 184*127*20*22.4 Clutch Disc for aftersales clutch disc with AISIN NO DM-009and OEM NO MD705098 MD937230 MD701191 MD701193 MD701194 MD701195 MD701196 Clutch Disc For Mitsubishi 4G33 MD714707 Clutch Disc For Mitsubishi G62B K619736-0 MD701230 MD701231 Clutch Disc For Mitsubishi 4G32 MD714708 MD716747 MD718955 MD724673 MD724849 MD728699 Clutch Disc For Mitsubishi G37B MD731447 MB802130 MD802201 MD802202 MD937201 Clutch Disc For Mitsubishi G63B MD802101 auto Mitsubishi 4G52 clutch pressure plate 215*154*20*22.4 MD730819 MD732298 MD733114 MD733328 Clutch Disc For Mitsubishi 4G61 Certificate MD720846 clutch disc for MITSUBISHI Auto parts Clutch Disc ME500078 for Car MITSUBISHI ME500555 ME500556 Clutch Disc For Mitsubishi 4DR5 MD739840 MD741324 MR111343 MR111650 Clutch Disc For Mitsubishi 6G72T MD741009 MD741853 MD745530 Genuine clutch disc factory CLUTCH DISC FOR MITSUBISHI 43001-10000 43001-10071 43001-30000 43001-31010 Clutch Disc For Mitsubishi 4D30 ME500154 ME500237 Genuine car clutch plate manufacturer ME500185 ME500261ME500382 ME500394 ME500395 ME500512 Clutch Disc For Mitsubishi 4D34 ME520657 ME520658 ME520728 ME520729 original quality clutch disc Car clutch disc ME520401/ ME520467/ME520468/ME520564 OEM clutch plate 

TOYOTA Clutch Disc

Toyota clutch disc 31250-12071 Car clutch disc 31250-10061 Clutch Disc For Toyota 2T 31250-16011 Auto Parts Clutch Disc Auto parts Clutch For Toyota 31250 - 12050 31250-12081 Clutch Disc For Toyota 3A.3T 31250-20022 31250-20024 OEM Clutch Disc clutch disc 31250-27026 31250-32026 clutch plate wholesale 4S 31250-32024 31250-32026 Clutch Disc For Toyota 1S 31250-35062 Clutch Disc For Toyota 12R 31250-12090 Auto Car Clutch Disc High Quality Clutch Disc 31250-22100 31250-20130 31250-20131 31250-20132 automobile clutch disc plate clutch plate 31250-22102 for Car TOYOTA CRESSIDA Saloon 31250-22143/31250-22210 CLUTCH DISC 31250-32032 Clutch Disc Plate for Toyota clutch disc clutch kits for 31250-22043 with high quality clutch disc replacement 31250-36100 clutch disc for 31250-36170 

NISSAN Clutch Disc

nissa auto clutch kit for NSD005U 30100-G1900/30100-G1901/30100-G1902/30100-G1908 Auto Parts Clutch Disc clutch palte 30100-K0508 30100-52A00/30100-52A01 Clutch Disc 30100-10M01 clucth DISC Genuine disc clutch 30100-01E01/30100-10M00/30100-10M01/30100-16M00 TS16949 30100-N8492/30100-N8493/30100-N8494/30100-N8500 clutch disc for 30100-21R11 Genuine clutch disc 30100-13E13/30100-13E92 /30100-13E94/30100-71E01 30100-Y6800 Brand clutch plate high quality clutch disc for 30100-T8002 with high quality TS16949 clutch plate cheap price 30100-V7101/30100-V7107/30100-V7108 Clutch Disc for Nissan Pickup D22 30100-J2000 clutch disc clutch for 30100-22P60 with high quality 30100-F7594/30100-T9000/30100-T9020/30100-T9024 professional clutch plate clutch disc 30100-T8020/30100-T8094/30100-01J00 clutch plate 30100-Z5015 for Car NISSAN High quality Clutch Disc 30100-90317 Brand clutch plate suplier 30100-Z5076/30100-Z5079/30100-Z5101/30100-Z5203 30100-Z5216/30100-Z5314 /30100-Z5315 auto parts auto clutch plate 

ISUZU Clutch Disc

8-94170-345-0 8-94400-893-1 car clutch plate clutch disc 8-97045-359-0 car clutch plate clutch disc Full catalogue of car clutch plate 5-31240-036-0/5-31240-036-1/5-31240-039-0/8-94122-134-0 clutch disc 8-94314-234-0/8-94256-967-0/8-94256-967-1 OEM car clutch plate clutch disc 8-94123-673-0/8-94382-108-0/8-94477-844-0 car clutch plate OEM clutch disc Quality clutch plates suplier 8-94121-395-0 8-94229-355-0 8-94453-749-1 clutch disc for ISUZU Top quality clutch plates 9-31240-609-0 9-31240-627-0 Low price clutch disc replacement 8-97013-548-0 8-97042-548-0 5-31240-046-0/5-31240-046-1 car parts clutch plate The high quality clutch disc 8-97066-345-0 and ISD141Y Auto Chassis Parts Auto Transmission Systems Auto Clutch Disc Brand clutch plates clutch discs cheap price 8-97010-951-3 8-97011-226-1 CLUTCH DISC ISD102US FOR PATROL Hardtop HIgh quality brake pad set, clutch disc kit for 1-31240-407-1/1-31240-482-0/1-31240-482-1 9-31240-197-1 Japanese car clutch disc 8-94460-207-0 clutch plate clutch disc for Car Quality assurance clutch disc plate for automobile wholesale 9-31240-023-0/9-31240-062-0/9-31240-081-0 CLUTCH DISC FOR ISUZU 1-31240-142-0 Brand pickup clutch palte 9-31240-101-0/9-31240-155-0/9-31240-167-0/9-31240-205-0 

MAZDA Clutch Disc

B301-16-460 clutch disc for MAZDA B1 CLUTCH DISC FOR MAZDA B312-16-460 HIgh quality clutch plates suplier B628-16-460C clutch disc B618-16-460A for MAZDA B622-16-460A clutch disc for MAZDA Clutch Disc for Mazda Auto Clutches 8052-16-460 F861-16-460 Automobile clutch plate B624-16-460 Clutch disc S501-16-460 auto clutch disc 0552-16-460A automobile clutch disc Brand brake pad, clutch plate FE95-16-460B F869-16-460 clutch disc for MAZDA FE clutch disc WL03-16-460A for MAZDA Top quality clutch disc for MAZDA Quality disc clutch plate wholesale G607-16-460B MOTORSHI-TOPIC (AM 725) 0750-16-150A CLUTCH DISK Clutch Disc for (AM 725) 0750-16-150A Clutch Disc Plate For Mazda Car Parts SL01-16-460 V101-16-460/ V101-16-460A/ V101-16-460B High quality clutch disc 

HINO Clutch Disc

HINO 31250-1631 clutch disc 31250-3153 EO7C CLUTCH DISC CLUTCH DISC 31250-2070 EH100 CLUTCH DISC 31250-1990 EC100 CLUTCH DISC 31250-3111 W04D CLUTCH DISC FOR 31250-3041 EH700 CLUTCH DISC 31250-3201 EH700 CLUTCH DISC 31250-2731 FOR HINO CLUTCH DISC 31250-2112 FOR HINO EL100 CLUTCH DISC 31250-4320 FOR HINO H06CT CLUTCH DISC 31250-1540 FOR HINO EB300 CLUTCH DISC 31250-4701A FOR HINO CLUTCH DISC 31250-2500 FOR HINO CLUTCH DISC 31250-4641 H17C FOR HINO CLUTCH DISC 31250-2390 FOR HINO CLUTCH DISC 31250-4050 EK100 FOR HINO 

Engine Mounting


Plastic Gear

Plastic gear 

Radiator Cap

Good quality Radiator cap for truck auto spare parts car, universal car radiator caps, auto radiator cap Made In China Radiator cap for car NEW AUTOMOTIVE RADIATOR CAP High quality radiator cap Engine Cooling Radiator Cap For Mitsubishi Best Radiator Cap Parts for Cars, Trucks & SUVs Radiators Caps - Advance Auto Parts Radiator cap for nissan F135 Best quality for water tank Water tank Manufacturer 

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